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claymake by kate

wood-fired • tumbler no. 3

wood-fired • tumbler no. 3

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This limited collection tumbler is a one of a kind piece created in a wood fire kiln.

During the firing process, we continually add wood to the (outdoor) kiln to increase its temperature - This causes a natural fluctuation in temperature, reminiscent of waves, as the wood releases gases that burn off and circulate throughout the kiln. These gases, ash and open flame create texture and color on each piece that is entirely dependent to where it is in the kiln.

This piece has an exposed bottom, where there was some smooth "flashing" (exposure to open flame) and textured interaction with ash. The glazed portion changed colors dependent on where the flame and ash hit - with some purple crystallization on the inside, as well as some beautiful grey crackling in the drip. This item is food safe.

This item contains a thumb holder for easy drinking and holds about 10 ounces.

Hand wash only.

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