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pottery that warms our hands, home and hearts ♡

Handmade and functional - intended to encourage the joy found in each moment.

A mug that holds your morning cup of caffeine, a vase that holds the feel-good feeling of flowers, plates for a homemade meal or a sponge holder for when things get a little messy.

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the maker behind claymake

Hi, I'm Kate, thank you for stopping by my corner of the world.

I create handmade pottery intended to brighten everyday life, as it has done with mine …

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with a tremor I thought would hinder my ability to create the art I wanted. And then there was ceramics - the type of art that doesn't require you to draw a straight line or paint inside the lines. When I'm sitting down at the wheel, it's a rhythm that doesn’t get interrupted by my shaking. When I am making pottery, I find joy in the movement and a passion for the process -

beginning and ending with love.

every piece is created, glazed, fired and packaged by me

i am a one-woman force behind claymake by kate

inspired by nature

the beauty,

the connection,

the feeling